Saturday, 18 October 2008

Gillian Blease came and gave a talk on the 17th and after hearing her talk and seeing some of her work that I wasn't aware of, I have to say that i really like her style and her work. Although she made it sound like being an illustrator was extremely difficult, her work was quite inspirational and gave me an idea of what it would be like working as a freelance illustrator. She spoke about how difficult it can be to get commissions and how sometimes companies would drop her for no reason. She said that when you are offered work for a newspaper such as the Guardian, you can relax a little because you know you will have some sort of constant income while the job lasts. She explained how important it is to be punctual and stick to deadlines because often working for newspapers and magazines, they cannot wait. She also mentioned that it can be quite stressful when she is given a brief and is required to produce a final image within a few hours. I had not expected to hear that being an illustrator was a stressful job but I am glad that she was honest about it because I need to understand what it is like working in the real world.
Gillian uses bold flat colours and simple shapes in a lot of her work, and often brings in a little texture or pattern to finish off the image. All her pictures are bold and to the point and also simple without being boring. She said that she tries to leave as much space in her work as she can, the more there is, the happier she is with her work. Space evokes drama and tension. She has many influences ranging from Andy Warhol to Ian Wadcock, Joseph Frank, Adrian Johnson, French and Japanese art.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

As well as a poster designer and illustrator, Lenica also made films and the link below is to the first part of one of his films entitled "Labyrinth". This film has no dialogue and relies on the strength of the imagery and the sound effects to get across what is going on. Although I initially thought the film was rubbish, it grew on me very quickly and kept my attention right until the end. It is so unusual and unpredictable that you find yourself eagerly anticipating what is going to come next because you know it is going to be something else crazy and unimaginable. Well worth watching even if you're not into 'arty' films.

Jan Lenica- Polish poser designer. I love the simplicity of his work, his use of line and colour, and his almost abstract way of representing objects and people. I used his work as an influence in my fairytale project, pushing me to produce less cluttered, bolder designs. His work is striking and often quite odd which makes it more interesting because you do not see designs like this everyday. Lenica has a good imagination and looking at his work gives you ideas for different ways or representing things, such as the figure in the poster above