Sunday, 6 December 2009


Unfortunately I was ill when we had a lecture given by Container Plus so I couldn't make it into college. I did however spend a couple of hours staring at their website and I'm glad I did because I had only heard of Container Plus before and I had never seen any of their work. I love it a little bit. I really like the way they build everything for real, it's not just all digital like a lot of illustration and design these days. Their work is just interesting and lovely to look at. Looking through photos of their studio has also made me want to work in a similar kind of environment. I don't think I am the kind of person who could work from home alone and I don't think I want to be either. I really want to work in a collaboration or in a group because I feel, aside from the fact it would be a lot more fun, the fact there was more than one of you working on the same thing you would be able to come up with ideas together and help each other produce better work. Conatiner Plus produce different kinds of art including illustration, installations, 2D and 3D work. A thing that I like about Container plus is that, like me, they don't just have one style of working. What I gathered from talking to people about the lecture is that Container Plus likes to change their style quite often, mainly because if you have a good style, people will copy you. Constantly changing is a way to stay ahead of everyone, then, even if people start copying your style, you have already moved on to something else so it doesn't affect you and you do not get associated with the the companies/ individuals who are producing the same work as you.

Saturday, 5 December 2009


Chip Kidd is the King of book design, I remember first hearing about him when we did The Secret History project last year and I look at his work quite often just for inspiration with whatever I am doing. This video shows a Q&A session with the graphic designer, it's pretty interesting, plus he is quite a funny guy. It is good to hear about how people work, what problems they have and how they overcome them. It is also helpful to know that even the best designers struggle sometimes. Watch this video! Also I've posted a few Kidd book covers, I prefer his found collage images to the more graphic ones but can't find any decent references on the internet.